Artemis Capital Limited (“Artemis Capital”) is a private investor providing access to capital and business expertise. Artemis Capital is affiliated with a privately held family enterprise, Masfen Group, which has been an active participant in New Zealand business sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, oil & gas, transport, wind farm development and the wine industry. Artemis Capital has established a preferred investment agreement with Masfen Group allowing for a long-term investment horizon.

Established in 2002, Artemis Capital invests in companies in partnership with management and co-investors. We are committed to creating effective partnerships with business executives who have a successful track record and a desire to own, manage and grow a business creating long-term value for shareholders, managers and employees. While our management partners maintain independence and control of day-today operations Artemis Capital seeks board representation and is an active partner on key business and strategic issues.

In unison with our management partners we build businesses through one or more strategies: internal growth and development, strategic acquisitions or restructuring operations. We provide financing and transaction expertise, strategic guidance and significant relationships, while management provides operating experience and leadership, together executing a strategy for growth.

Returns on our investment result primarily from growth and only secondarily from the use of leverage with the capitalization mix determined by management’s business strategy and respective long-term capital needs.


With our New Zealand geographic preference we have no strict industry preferences, but tend to avoid businesses whose prime interest is property and businesses based on rapidly changing technologies. In terms of business size we target companies with revenues of $10 million and greater. With an extended investor network Artemis Capital has no set maximum transaction size.

We are happy to discuss any investment opportunity and promise confidentiality and a timely answer. Upon identification of a potential investment we work with our investment partners to thoroughly research the business and the industry enabling us to be both effective partners and to develop the most appropriate capital structure. The investment process incorporates due diligence review, the development of performance assumptions and strategy review to set the goals of the business going forward.

Our flexible investment strategy may result in many different types of investments:

  •   Capital Infusions for Growth
  •   Follow-on Acquisitions
  •   Industry Consolidations
  •   Private Company Sale
  •   Public to Private
  •   Special Situations
  •   Traditional Management Buyouts